Monday, September 8, 2008

What does Jared Silfies keep in his backpage?

Well inside Jared Silfie's backpack, he keeps notebook, planner, computer, digital carmera, digital audio recorder, 3 USB drives, book called "The Elements of Style", cell phone, I-pod and of course pens, pencils and highlighter. Well he must have heavy backpack. I think he carries all these items in his backpack because he doesn't know where news might strike or something interesting, which is important to reporters. One item that I didn't understand why it was in his backpack was "The Elements of Style". So after buying the new edition and spending sometime looking through it, I started to understand why. He carries this book to help guide in many areas of reporting. For example this book has rules, dictionary, encyclopedia, APA formatting and much more. I can't wait to gain some practice with this book. Now, what I keep in my backpack are my books, notebooks for the day, USB drive, chap-stick, cell phone,planner, pencils, pens, highlighter. I guess you could say my backpack is work in progress.

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