Tuesday, September 9, 2008

(From The Baltimore Sun, photo by Lloyd Fox)

The story “Private-School Families Feel a Financial Pinch” by Liz F. Kay, discusses how today’s economy with its rising prices are causing parents to search more for financial aid to help pay for their child’s tuition. This story is newsworthy because it affects some of local citizens in Baltimore.

Here are some signs of this story newsworthy:
•It does not show bias
•It informs the public
•There is wide-ranging data
•Quotes are included
•Picture are included

The story “Private-School Families Feel a Financial Pinch” also demonstrates the traditional values of timeliness and proximity. Timeliness is how recently the event happened. This story relates to when schools started, which was last week in August. Proximity refers to a physical location. Since this is a local story, local news stations are more likely to shift their focus and cover it.

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Kierra Q. Suggs said...

great use of pictures and content...good job