Monday, September 15, 2008

What are summary lead and a short report ?

(Picture From The Huffington Post)

News comes in many different forms; from newspapers, magazine, websites, blogs, and TV. But it’s up to the reporter to select how they want to present the information. Two ways to this is summary lead and short report.

Now I’m sure your probability thinking, what’s the difference? Well according to Thom Lieb, summary lead is the opening of a print or online news story. An example of a summary lead can be found on front of the NY Times homepage called “Thousand in Texas Flee Hurricane Ike”. Right under the title of the article it gives short opening point, which you can use to summarize what the article is going to be about.

A short report is less information that could be wrote into single sentence or even two and can displayed by bulletin, e-mails, and crawlers according to Thom Lieb’s definition. An example of a short report is shown in the Baltimore Sun homepage article about September 11th. This article gives a few short sentences and bulletin list that links you to other articles. (Picture of Twin Towers from Grasping Reality with Both Hands)

Now that you have better understanding of difference ways news can be presented, it should be easier to present news in a quick and short way.

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