Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The last news story, “Ike Targets Havana” by Carol J. Williams is from the Los Angeles Times as found in the print edition in the Baltimore Sun. This article discusses how hurricane Ike ravaged Cuba and is heading towards Havana.
Ike is a newsworthy story because hurricanes are a global event that affects many people.

(Picture by Newsround.com, showing Hurricane Ike hit Cuba)

Signs of newsworthy:
• It has videos
• Pictures are also included
• The story is not bias
• Data is provided
• Quotes are included

Hurricane Ike shows traditional news value because it discusses what might happen to Havana and displays direct impact. Impact means things that might happen as a result of an event. Other traditional values shown are timeliness and proximity. Timeliness refers to how recently it happens which in the case of Ike is still happening. Proximity is the location or physical nearness which is the case of Ike will occur when it approaches the US coast.

I believe the Baltimore Sun has many newsworthy stories. The Baltimore Sun seems to go out of their way to give readers news stories from all over the world as demonstrated in “Old Report Causes United Airlines Stock Panic and “Ike Targets Havana” articles as well as local stories like “Private-School Families Feel a Financial Pinch”. These articles and authors appear to always use one or two traditional news values. In conclusion, readers should determine if traditional news values are present when they determine the source of their everyday news.

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