Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The second news story called “Old Report Causes United Airlines Stock Panic” originated from the Chicago Tribune according to the Baltimore Sun Web-page. It’s about the Chicago airport and how United Airline service has fallen along with their stock price. The story is newsworthy because United Airlines stock falling affects stockholders and its service falling affects customers both locally and globally.
(Picture from Travelhouseuk’s Travel Blog)

Signs of newsworthy:
•Important data is provided
•Dates are provided
•There is a link to other newspapers

The United Airline story includes the traditional values of currency, timeliness, and impact. Currency means it ties to stories already in the news. This story has already been in the news once and ties to many stock market stories. Timeliness means how recently the event happens as evidenced by when United Airline stock began to fall last Friday. Impact means how something might happen as a result of an event. In this case, the impact would be the stock and services decreasing so much that it negatively affects stockholders and customers.

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