Monday, September 8, 2008

My Favorite outstanding portfolio

The portfolio I like the most is Nick Trost. On his home page, he has this tree with two red apples and when you click on the apples they play video's. He's portfolio is creative but yet easy to navigate. After awhile I started to wonder what he kind of equiment he keeps in his backpack. So I brainstorm some idea's. I think he carries notebook, pen, pencil, highlighter, carmera digital, USB drive, digital video camera, digital audio recorder, cell phone, and resume. I think he carries these things because of his portfolio displays pictures, video, and audio. I figure Nick keeps computer and USB drive in his backpack to update or download any information and transporting files. Also I thought Nick might keep cell phone and resume in his backpack because you never know who your going to meet or need to contact. These are just some guess's of what I think Nick keeps inside his backpack. Who knows what he really keeps inside his backpack? I guess only Nick knows the answer to that question.

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