Monday, February 23, 2009

How to get organized for cheap

As student, we have papers flying everywhere from our car to inside our backpacks and apartments. It’s not a pretty sight and it doesn’t make it easy to find anything.

I have found a solution that works for me.

First, you must organize each class’s material and any extra information, like information from advising meetings or major requirements into separate groups by subject. Next, make sure each subject has its own section to file its papers, whether it’s in three ring notebook, binder or folders. I like to use binders for my class subjects because I can reuse a binder. Other people I know use separate loose folders to file papers for each subject.

With a binder, you can separate each subject’s material using tabs that stick out from the other papers in the binder. You can also create your own tabs using colored paper to separate each subject. Some subjects may give so many papers that I use folder with extra pockets inside my binder to hold my papers. You can color coordinate or label your folders for each class subject.

These are something that work for me to stay organized. If you would like more information please read “Thrifty and Nifty Storage Ideas”. Good luck getting organized.
(Image from Ski-N-Ride)

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