Monday, February 23, 2009

Stop overstocking

Have you opened your fridge or pantry and have things fall out on top of you?

Well, I have. It’s time to stop overstocking the fridge and pantry. It’s time to clean it out. It’s New Year. I know we all have those cans or old salads dressing that haven’t been used since who knows when. It’s time to throw them out!

I know there are times when you’re not sure how long some items have been in your fridge. “When in doubt, throw it out," says Massimo Marcone, a food scientist at Ontario's University of Guelph.

The Canadian Press gives advice to people on cleaning out their fridge and pantry in the article “To eat or not to eat? That is the question when cleaning out pantry, fridge” by Sheryl Ubelacker.

If you don’t listen to Ms. Unbelacker’s advice, at least listen to me to stop procrastinating and clean it out.

(Image from Farlane blog)

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MDistrict42 said...

I'm totally with you on cleaning out and organizing the refrigerator. I hate getting excited because I see something sitting on a shelf only to learn it's spoiled!