Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Recent News Story for my Thrifty Towsonities!

During the Holidays is one of hardest times to shop. Why do you ask? First thing that comes to my mind is the over-crowded malls, packed stores, the heat turned up so you melt in the store and the traffic congestion. I wish I knew some things before I did my shopping last Holiday season so now for next year I will be prepared.

Once you become a thrifty shopper, things change. You start to care about the prices and meaning behind the gift. A recent Gazette news article called “Tighter budgets spur buyers to embrace thrifty gifts for holidays” discusses ways to become thrifty shoppers. From the article I read about Denise Brijbasi of Landover, who gathers material to make jewelry that she gives to her friends and relatives at Christmas. Making Christmas gifts is one idea on how to cut cost down during the Holidays. (Image from Slones Signature Market)

Another way is to shop at the Salvation Army. From the article, Pat Daniels of Washington, D.C shopped at the Bladensburg Salvation Army. She found Christmas decorations and miniature holiday sacks. “Because of the way the economy is going, a thrift store a lot of the time is the first place you check for gifts, Before I go to Bloomingdale's, Nordstrom or Macy's I check here first”, said Daniels. The article also discusses the importance of donating money to different organizations, instead of buying gifts as well as other tips on saving money.

Overall the article does great job at getting the information across, giving audience members more than one idea to save money, where to shop and save and shares some personal experiences for other shoppers. The author of this article did great job making sure nothing was left out and bring up some great tips. So for more thrifty buys, thrifty Towsonites should check this article. Good luck.


Rozalyn said...

I like the introduction to your blog post. It was a nice lead in before you discussed the article you read.

Anomaly said...

Overall you created a good blog post. You've included good information and a photo to keep my interest. Good Job.

Melissa Hale said...

Lots of information and the content really impacts all of us, especially with the economy the way it is. Great post overall!

Jack said...

You misspelled Towsonites with an extra i.

jatwater said...

You should start trying to find a thrifty shopper to profile for a feature story. You could follow along with him/her as she shopped.