Sunday, March 1, 2009

Economic Crisis

The economic crisis is making “Being thrifty” popular again. In the old days, living frugally and penny-pinching was normal for people, but went out of favor. Spending became the norm and even expected behavior for all Americans, even considered patriotic after 9/11.

“We want to build a culture that’s more hospitable to thrift,” says one think-tank researcher. I agree with Steve Hamm , the author of “The New Age of Frugality” story in BusinessWeek. However we need to do more that just report on the problem; we need to start a “stop spending” campaign like an anti-smoking campaigns of the past to change our culture. Schools should teach students the basics as part of required curriculum.

So my Thrifty Towsonites, be the first to get in on this new trend and make thrifty popular again.

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