Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Snowy Cold

It’s cold, wet and windy outside; it’s snowing again!

I hate these winter months. Last night, we had snow falling and it’s still going on this afternoon. With these random snow falls, our heating bill goes through the roof. I was doing some online researching and found “Save Money on Heating Costs” article on About.com.

This article offers these tips:

1. Do an energy audit of your house; identifying areas where heated air is leaking out.
2. Minimize your use of ventilation fans such as bathroom fans and kitchen hood fans in winter.
3. Turn down the heat and use space heaters to heat the room you spend time in.
4. Check the temperature setting on your hot water heater.
5. Open the blinds and curtains on the sunny side of the house (the south-facing side) when the sun is shining and close them as soon as the sun goes down to retain the solar heat

For more tips please continue reading the article.

So make some changes around the house for those winter months and for all you kids enjoy your SNOW DAY! I know I will. (Image from Twin Cities)