Monday, March 23, 2009

Oh where are these mystery thrift stores?

Since I became at student at Towson University, I have learned how to navigate through Towson. The hardest part about navigating through Towson is finding those special places that only “the locals” know about. (Image from Lost Pets website)

Well, have no more fear. I have found a national directory for thrift stores, it’s called Thrifty Once you get to the website, you enter your zip code or city and state and out pops a list with different thrifty shops in or around your area.

So no more confusion while navigating to your favorite or new finds thrift shop.

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Turnip Patch said...

Thank your for going the extra mile to find this sight. I thrift shop all the time. Now I can find some in a 50 mile radius of my home without driving all over (burning up gas).