Sunday, November 16, 2008

Ethical principles and legal responsibilities

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In the world of journalism, reporters face ethical issues and legal responsibility to provide news for the people. There are several legal responsibilities and ethical issues, but which issues are the most important depend on the reporter’s viewpoint.

One legal responsibility relies on the reporter to prove the truth of a charge or statement. People are grateful to hear the truth and know the reporter has followed a code of ethics to report right from wrong.

Another important ethical rule for journalist to follow is not to gather information through deception. Gathering information through deception is when reporters get stories by lying to their source. In the world of ethical journalism, this is lying and viewed as scamming and dishonesty. Newsrooms are looking for reporters, who tell the truth to get the story in fair manner.

Journalist must understand the legal issue regarding privacy before covering a news story. A private citizen is different from public figure. A public figure, by the nature of their job, understands that information about them can be reported in the news. Private citizens want to keep their life private and not be broadcast in the news. Journalist must avoid is false light. False light is the invasion of privacy when false information is published about person.

All journalists have responsibilities to uphold ethics and legal principles when then cover any story.

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