Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Girls Fight Back Event

Multimedia storytelling is integrating audio, video, pictures, animation and other elements into a compelling text story. For multimedia story number one, I will be covering an event called “Girls Fight Back”. This event is taking place on October 28 at 7:30 pm on Towson University campus.

“Girls Fight Back” is an event for women to learn how to defend themselves if they are physically attacked or confronted by an attacker. The event is only for women. The person in charge of this event is Erin Weed. The event is sponsored by the Towson University’s Department of Athletics, The Women’s Center, Greek Life Student Activities and the Towson University Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Committee. (Image from Girls Fight Back website)

I have contacted the Towson University Counseling Center for additional information on the event and left a message for Dr. Julie McKenna, Coordinator and Sexual Assault Services. My sources would be Erin Weed, Dr. Julie McKenna and students from the event. Some questions I might ask are:

•Why do you think it’s important for women to defend themselves?
•What’s the most important tool for woman to defend herself?
•How will this help me in the future?
•What the scariest situation you have encountered?
•How do you feel after going to this event?

Now for some photo ideas, I was thinking of taking pictures of the different approaches that we learn from this event as well as women acting as if in danger so people can see the fear. Another idea would be to record audio of the types of sounds that could be used to distract the attacker. I really looking forward to this event because more crimes have been occurring around Towson University and I want to learn how to protect myself from danger.

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Stacy Spaulding said...

Good story! Have fun with it.